Comics can be published in a variety of formats and sold under a number of different descriptive terms. Some graphic novels (or GNs) are collected editions of single issue comics. These can be described as Trade-Paperback (TP or TPB) or Hardcover (HC) and, if the single comic ran for longer than four to six issues, there may also be a story name and probably a Volume Number. There are also Original Graphic Novels (OGN) which have been printed straight into softcover or hardcover format. We stock all kinds of graphic novel. We also carry non-fiction books, art books and prose novels which we have placed in the Graphic Novel section for simplicity. 




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At Lucky Target Comics we stock various formats and publication types within our Graphic Novels and Books section. You can search through all our comics collected editions. Or, you can browse our curated selection of Sketchbooks, Non-Fiction and Prose Fiction books or our Special Edition, All Ages and Adult Only volumes.


If you prefer to buy all your comics in graphic novel or collected edition format you may find the publisher categories below useful. We have included the four most established comic publishers, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image, but we stock books by lots of other publishers too. You can browse, for your favourite publishers or try searching by writer, artist or a genre such as ‘sci-fi’ or ‘horror’. We love diversity and are always aiming to add more quality independent, genre, non-genre, ‘alternative’ and ‘all ages’ graphic novels to our range.


At Lucky Target Comics we are passionate about art and we want to help you discover more comic and related art that you love. In this part of the store you can find a selection of book or booklet collections of artist's sketches, pin-ups, concept art or cover work. Often these are self-published editions produced for the artist's own website or a convention appearance. They may be limited edition, signed and numbered. See item descriptions for specific details about the sketch books that we currently have in stock.


This section of the store is devoted to all the comics and culture non-fiction books that can be as enjoyable, fascinating and enlightening to read as your favourite comic books. Have you read Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, George Perez: Storyteller, Tim Hanley’s Wonder Woman Unbound or Terry Moore’s How To Draw series? Those are just a few that we love. Perhaps you are an aspiring writer, artist or publisher and need a guide book to help you find some direction or motivation? We might have the book for you.


This section caters for buyers who may want a book, graphic novel or collected edition with something special or a limited edition element. Maybe you want just the right gift for a comic collector or something special for your own collection. Any book, GN or TPB that is autographed, signed, numbered or remarqued will be here. We have also included modern treasury editions and other oversized books as well as archive, masterwork, artifact , omnibus and slipcase hardcover editions.


These days literature and comics sit comfortably beside each other and readers from a genuinely broad age spectrum are open to both. There are now numerous comics to prose novel adaptations and cross-media franchise novels. We are seeing more young reader story books, and young adult novels, based on comic book and film and TV heroes. Writers like Neil Gaiman, Marjorie Liu and Chelsea Cain are moving smoothly between mediums. We have housed all our prose fiction in this section so you can browse with clarity.



Where possible we have included an age rating in our item descriptions to help you buy safely and buy the right books for you. Some of the comics, GNs and books we sell may be classed as ‘erotica’ or contain sensitive material including nudity, graphic violence, sexual content and sexual violence. These items are for buyers who are 18+ only. Publishers who specialise in Mature Reader comics, such as Avatar, and publications that are distributed as Adult material will be in this section. Please  email  us if you need more help or advise.