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What is Lucky Target Comics?

A UK based independent retailer selling comics and related items. LTC was founded by Sumyra Ihsan, who registered it as a business in 2010.

Do you have shop?

No, we are an online retailer.

What kind of comics do you sell?

We sell all kinds of American and American format comics from the 1940s upwards. We also sell some UK and International comics, graphic novels, figures and other items.


Can I buy new comics from you?

You will find some relatively new comics on our site. However, we are not currently taking pre-orders on new releases. This may change at some point in the future.


Do you sell Manga?

We may occasionally have some Manga or Manga format items in stock but, for the most part, we do not sell Manga


How do I find what I want on your site?

There are several different ways you can search for items. You can use the menus to narrow down your browsing. You can also type keywords into the top corner search bar to check results from the whole store. Title, character, publisher, writer, creator, cover artist, format, year, date, era, decade, variant,  storyline are all possible keywords you can choose to search by. You can also put combinations of those in. Or, you can browse whole sections of the store.


How do I know what condition things are in?

Everything we sell has an item description which includes condition information.  We are experienced comic sellers and we take grading seriously. Comics are graded on a scale:

GD 2.0  VG 4.0  FN 6.0  VFN 8.0  VFN/NM 9.0  NM- 9.2  NM 9.6

We rarely use the term Mint or M 10.0 as this is an unlikely grade for paper publications to achieve. NM is the equivalent to New. Golden, Silver and sometimes Bronze Age comics are checked carefully from cover to cover for wear and possible restoration and, whatever we find is readily disclosed.


Are the comics bagged and boarded?

All comics are bagged. Some low value bundles may be group packed to reduce shipping weight. Generally speaking boards are added for any item that we sell for more than current average cover price. We often use a double-bagging system so that comics are enclosed in a larger sleeve inside the box or mailer but the individual comics are unsealed. This is because some customers find it difficult to take comics in and out of taped bags without damaging them and because everyone has their own method of sealing bags. We focus on making sure that comics get to customers safely.


Do you sell graded/slabbed comics?

We prefer the term ‘slabbed’ as ‘grading’ itself is not something that needs to be done by a specialist company. We may from time to time stock comics that have been slabbed/encapsulated. We are not currently affiliated with a grading/slabbing company.

Can I use Paypal?

Yes. You can use Paypal and other payment options. We use a secure system so you can buy safely.


What packaging do you use?

We use fold-over cardboard mailers for comics, graphic novels, magazines and folded posters. Anything bigger will be sent in a box with plenty of void filler. We have many years of experience sending parcels all over the world and we take care to package safely. We use recyclable or biodegradable packaging wherever possible.


How much is shipping?

UK and International shipping is calculated at checkout according to the size and weight of your selections. You can make amendments to your shopping cart before payment. If you proceed to payment you will be offered shipping options first. Nothing is final until you review your choices and complete payment. See the Shipping page for approximate prices.


Do I need to set up an account?

No. You don’t need to set up an account or create a password. You just fill in your details at checkout.  You can set your computer or device to auto-fill your details the next time you shop with us.

I am new to comics. Can you help?

We love to help people discover new comics or buy presents for friends and family. Are you looking for a gift but are not sure what? Type ‘gift’ in the search bar. Or, type the first three letters of a month and year, e.g. Sep 1976, to find comics published on a birth date. If you need advice, email us, letting us know a little about yourself and we will recommend some comics you might like to try.


Do you buy comics?

Yes we will buy comics and related items but, we buy selectively and only if it makes sense for our business. We offer a number of different services for people who might be thinking about selling. See the Valuation page. If you want to sell, fill in the selling query form. Please note that we do not currently buy Beano, 2000AD or Panini reprint comics.

Do you make the comics?

No. We don’t create or publish comics; we just buy and sell them.