Not sure whether to sell, consign or keep? Hire us to help you decide. For as little as £30 per appointment we can arrange a meeting (or video messaging call) to look through your collection, identify your high value items and answer ALL your questions honestly. We help you decide the best way to proceed and if we buy anything from you outright we will give you a preferential rate.


Do you have a high value comic collection in your possession? Are you a business that has acquired a consignment of bulk comics? We are experienced, knowledgeable comic dealers. We can grade raw* comic books accurately. We can value collections for insurance purposes or help prep them for any type of reselling. We can create detailed spreadsheets for managing your collection or stock. Our current rates: £15 per hour plus expenses.

*we do not offer an encapsulation service.


We will sell collections or selected comics/related items on a consignment basis. This tends to work for people who have a large, high value collection or strong key issues for which consignment selling is likely to be more lucrative than taking a bulk lump sum. Current rates: we take 35% of the net sale price after all selling and shipping costs.