Pre-Order Your Comics Monthly

We are a Diamond Distributors account holding retailer. If you would like a monthly postal shipment of new releases you can set up a standing order for ongoing titles with us, or pre-order a single item, to ensure you never miss anything.

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Select current solicitations to pre-order items which will be released in approximately 2 months (collected editions and merchande may have a later release date). Pre-payment may be required from new customers. Established standing order customers benefit from discounted shipping rates and a minimum 20% discount on all back issues. See Previews Online here.

Current Standing Order prices:

$2.99 = £2.25

$3.99 = £2.85

$4.99 = £3.50

$5.99 = £4.25

$6.99 = £5.00

$7.99 = £6.00

$8.99 = £6.75

$9.99 = £7.50

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