Slippers OGN

Slippers OGN


Original Graphic Novel/Album. Ammentorp 2016. 1st Edition. Christopher Ammentorp. NM 9.6


'Loved it'

'A very funny collection of comic strips in the grand tradition of classics like Beetle Bailey. Slippers is packed with personality, charming ideas, from the familiar to the downright kooky, and clever juxtapositions between modern life and the older generation. A pleasing and uplifting read. Recommended! '

'Just the look of this book made me smile. Evoking memories of Lucky Luke and Tin Tin, with the format and colour, and Captain Pugwash with the round face and fat fingers of the cover subject. Being over 60 I could easily relate to some of the outlined situations and also probably made some of the same comments. However, it is not necessary to be over 60 to enjoy this book as it is a charmingly funny and entertaining read. If not a laugh out loud moment on every page, there is at least a wry grin.'

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