Coming Soon: Image Comics

Slightly late start this month but we are prepping our Feb Order and picking through all the new solicitations that you might be interested in pre-ordering. First up - Image Comics.

Ascender #1 by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen. This series takes place ten years after the end of Descender and follows Andy and Effie’s daughter, Mila, on her journey across the planet Sampson.

Little Girls OGN by Nicolas Aflleje, Sarah Delaine and Ashley Lanni. Sam and Leilet are two new friends living in Ethiopia dealing with all the normal stuff kids deal with…and a brain-eating monster straight out of folklore.

FairLady #1 by Brian Schirmer, Claudia Balboni and Marissa Louise with variant cover by Tula Lotay. Jenner Faulds returns home from war to start work as a licensed PI but sexism doesn’t end on the battlefield and Jenner gets stuck with all the cases no one else wants.

Section Zero #1 (of six) by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett with variant covers by Walter Simonson and Jerry Ordway. A team of fearless adventurers uncovers the secrets behind UFOs, Monsters and Lost Civilisations.

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