Recent Reads: New Talent Showcase 2018


Anthology style comics are a risky pick aren’t they? I always think twice about them, especially as these kind of specials tend to have a hefty cover price and sometimes you find only one of the stories actually makes an impact on you.

As a retailer as well as a comic reader I do, however, feel it is important to at least try and be supportive of new creators where possible. Sara Miller’s intro to New Talent Showcase 2018 was a nice reminder of that. And, it can be cool to see who the new up and coming creators on the scene are.

Honestly, this one-shot was a pleasure to read. Solid stories and art the whole way through. Maybe the important factor is the unified focus on character. Each story centres on an individual DC icon and has that important bit of first person narration that draws creators, character and reader together in understanding motivation. There is a humanity to each of these shorts.

I look forward to seeing more.