Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion


Don’t you find it really annoying when people harp on about loving a comic based movie or TV show but have not read the comics? I do. So, in this case, I am going to annoy myself.

Actually, I have read some Umbrella Academy comics (I try and read a little bit of everything) but I never got on board as a UA fan. I did, however, binge watch the Netflix show and thoroughly enjoy it.

Maybe, not everything about it but, the biggest problem I had with it clearly comes straight from the comics and is a problem with a lot of team books by male creators. Hargreeves managed to buy 7 out of 43 of the super-powered kids but only 2 of them are girls? Riiiighht…

But, Season 1 of the Netflix show was pretty great in my opinion and Ellen Page was particularly brilliant. What did you staunch Umbrella Academy fans think? Did it do the comic justice?