What's In A Name?

The comics industry is currently wonderfully diverse. Even if you only pick up comics from U.S. publishers, you will still find that there are creators and editors from all over the world working on all those wonderful stories. You come across credits with names from Spain, France, Germany, Scandinavia, South America etc and that means accents, umlauts and tildes.

If you are writing comic reviews and blogs, updating your Instagram comics fan page or listing comics on your own website, you might get stuck with certain names because your keyboard does not have the right letters. I have had to stop lots of times to Google search the right Alt-Code for an õ or an ç.

I have noticed that some people just opt to ignore the correct spelling and use the English version of the letter. Is that okay? Errr…no!

I am biased. I have a very obviously non-English name that people constantly mispronounce, mispell or just decide never to even try and say out loud. Dismissing my name has often been used as way for people to express their racism. My name probably the main reason I have never had a job interview for a remotely decent job.

Our names are an essential component of our identity. Seeing your name written or hearing it spoken can help you feel acknowledged, included, recognised and appreciated even if you don’t consciously notice what is happening.

These days there is a lot of talk amongst creative teams about whose names should be on the cover of comics and graphic novels, what size the type should be, what order the names should be in. It has all come a long way from some of those golden and silver age comics where you can’t find any names anywhere. If people feel passionately about all that, imagine how they feel seeing their names spelled incorrectly.

If you are like me and you don’t want to try and memorise all the right alt codes for your keyboard that you might ever need, then the best thing to do is bookmark a site that has them all listed and easy to find. Here is the one I use: