We've All Got A 'What If?', or two...

Actually we have a pretty decent pile…comics, that is…not life regrets.

A few of you who might read this blog (be cool and do the Like/Share/Comment thing occasionally if you don’t already) will know me well enough to realise that this website has been a huge source of frustration and stress for me. Even though we technically launched in spring and it is now late summer, I get the impression that this is going to be an ongoing feeling that I am just going to have to adapt to.

The good news is that after a very long hiatus, I am able to start putting some more single issues up on the site. I know that anyone who has been visiting has been looking mostly in the comics section and wondering why there are only a couple of hundred items there with no change. I did not plan it this way and I have been sitting on a few hundred thousand singles waiting to be uploaded. I was considering moving through the uploading alphabetically, as the new version of the site invites this but, I am still waiting on some aspects of the structure to be completed.

In happier news, the comic collecting community is gently abuzz over the big announcements made by Marvel at SDCC such as the Thor: Love and Thunder and the What If? animated series. More generally comics fans seem enthusiastic about some of DC’s Black Label titles and by Marvel’s new House of X series.

Where should LTC jump in? Well, I have a lot of tidying up of text and SEO to do on the site and then why not get these What If?s up for sale? It is as good a place to start as any and who doesn’t love a good WIF?