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Yeah, I know…I have neglected promo and my pics are terrible. Eh!

So, next week, when I get back, I plan to go hell for leather getting recent and back issue comics on the website as fast as I can every day. Push, push, push. And, I remembered today that there is a Newsletter Subscribe form at the bottom of the Home Page and a couple of people have subscribed. Great!

I hate intrusive promo so subscribers need not expect more than one email every 2 months max, probably less. I will try and offer some reward for people who are supportive and interested in LTC

Subscribe now and be ready for the newsletter I’ll be sending out in the next two weeks. That will have a BIG discount that you can use as many times as you want before the end of the year. Get yourself or people who are also worthy, some bargain comicy treats for Christmas. Use that code and you may also find some freebies in your parcel when it arrives.

Scroll down the Home Page now! :))))

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