Spotlight: Batman #68 by King, Connor and Mounts


I think Knightmares may be my favourite Batman story arc ever (though I would have liked a tiny bit extra on the last chapter, I think). Almost certainly, Tom King’s run on Batman is, for me, the best thing to happen to the character in years.

Okay, I’m not going to start talking about the story itself. I rarely read comic, film, TV or book reviews myself as I like coming to things fresh and I am more than capable of forming my own opinions. The worst reviews are the ones that just summarise the story and spew out spoilers so I never do that. More importantly, this run of Batman is layered. If you have not looked at it yet, you need to uncover it all yourself.

I can say that King’s run is unique. That does not mean he is treading ground that has never been touched in a Bat-book before. Batman is one of the most prolific characters in comics and many creators have tried some experimental stuff. For me, Tom King’s Batman makes a lot of recent Bat-books look heavy-handed, dull or confused by comparison. That is just my opinion! Form your own!

What about the art?! Comic writers don’t work in isolation! Exactly. Each chapter of Knightmares has been a beautiful collaboration of writer, artists and colourists. Batman #68 is stand out example. I was thrilled to open the comic and find Amanda Connor pencils. She rarely does full interiors these days. (I remember reading an interview where she said the schedule on Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre had been incredibly stressful). It is a loss for us comic fans as her style is so different from other artists and her visual storytelling, and the visual humour in her art, are unparalleled.

Batman #68 made me recall All Star Superman to a degree. A bit of Silver Age comic magic deconstructed and then rebuilt into a Modern Age comic. There are interesting places to go when you compare Grant Morrison’s and Tom King’s work on Batman. But, again, go read some comics and decide for yourself!