Karl Alexander Wilke

I was just mooching through images on Pinterest and this magazine cover by Karl Alexander Wilke caught my eye. I studied a bit of art history years back and I know plenty about comics but there are still vast swathes of illustration and design that are unfamiliar to me. It is interesting to spot something from the WWI era that is not sequential art or even Platinum Age pre-sequential art but still looks as though it could have influenced artists such as Jean Giraud or Windsor Mckay.

Who was Karl Alexander Wilke (1879-1954)? I cannot find much info other than he was an Austrian artist and set designer. He produced a number of illustrations for the satirical/humourous magazine, Die Muskete. You can see more at Monster Brains blogspot: http://monsterbrains.blogspot.com/2014/10/karl-alexander-wilke.html?m=1