I am waiting on some good or bad news today about the nightmare that I unfolded by deciding to set up an independent website for LTC. I have had some really big stressful points in my life and this has not been the worst, but it is on the list, for sure. It is my birthday today so lets hope the universe decides to send me only good news.

My advice to anyone thinking of doing what I did. Trust no one. Do it yourself.

It is always worth hiring a good designer, however. I have been waiting all year to get some slick, professional looking business cards and flyers made and now I have them thanks to Niamh Alexander @heyniamh. I loved both her flyer designs so I got them both printed. I highly recommend her for whatever your design needs. This was an easy job for her but she is capable of much more.

Let me know what you think.

[Original Logo and Branding Design by Studio Print My Soul]

Business Cards and Flyer Design by Niamh Alexander

Printing by Banana Print

Lucky_Target Comics_business-cards_and_flyers.JPG