Bradford Comic 29-30 June

I have talked about LTC’s standing where the convention scene is concerned. We have not been planning to do any events. Moreover, we are really not set-up for it right now.

But, the website is still in limbo (stressful) and I have no idea when I will be able to start adding all our comic stock for real.

We got an email from Bradford Comico. I would probably like to do the odd small event now and again if the costs are low. I like the idea of an event that is attached to a Literature Festival.

No van, no three table stand with gridwall and shelving, no staying in hotels. We are just taking what we can fit into a small car. We should, however, still be able to offer a nice range of singles, sets, GNs, some kids comics and grab bags. I just need to move a few dozen boxes to dig everything out of the garage and tidy it all up.

If the Saturday goes well enough, we will go back for the Sunday too. It looks like Comico has only had a few pro guests and some artists stalls there before so, maybe, a few people will be glad to see a comics retailer. We can only hope.