Silver Surfer Black

So, we submitted our last Diamond pre-order today. Amongst all the other feelings I have about this, I have to remember that in a few months I won’t be getting any new comics to read myself. It will be a shame to start titles that I won’t easily get to finish.

Silver Surfer Black looks interesting. Donny Cates has some very loyal fans so his books tend to sell out quick. Also, Cates had this to say on his Twitter:

“Final order cutoff for SILVER SURFER: BLACK is this week! So retailers, MAKE SURE you stock up. And readers: This WILL sell out, so make sure you tell your shop you need it. This book has a BIG secret in it that you will want to get your hands on! Trust me! “

Ohhh…intriguing. Maybe I should have ordered more of #1!

Silver Surfer Black.jpg